Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Smart Autumn Decor Ideas


Smart Autumn Décor Ideas That You Will Fall For!

Here’s a theme that couldn’t be simpler. You can decorate just by taking a walk in your own backyard.

  • Create a colorful design using sunflowers, cattails, and wheat shafts. Arrange them in a big vase in the center of the dining room table. Place autumn leaves on the table around the base of the vase.
  • Glue gold velvet leaves onto a charger platter to create an interesting display base for a fall candle arrangement. Use either hot glue or a spray adhesive to attach the leaves.
  • Place a fat orange or yellow candle in a low bowl. Fill the bowl around the base of the candle with orange and black jellybeans or candy corn. For a larger display create a candle ‘garden’ on a platter, and fill the base with candy corn.
  • To make easy napkin rings for fall, hot glue some leaves around 1″ wide rounds of cardboard tubing (from gift wrap rolls). Glue a strip of colored paper or fabric to the inside of the ring. Attach 2 pieces of raffia on the bottom with hot glue, and bring them around to tie a bow on top. This will help hold the leaves down. A drop of glue under the bow will hold it in place.
  • Hollow out several mini pumpkins and use them as votive holders. Remember, never leave burning candles unattended!
  • An array of gourds adds an interesting touch to home exteriors. Although they will only last a few days, they do add ambience to your porch. For the interior, hollow out the inside of a larger gourd or small squash, to make a “bowl” in which you can serve soup, dips, relish or ketchup to guests. In each case, make sure to use a uniformly shaped gourd or squash with a flat bottom.
  • Make a quirky topiary by placing a sturdy branch in a box or flowerpot, weighing it down with bricks or rocks, cover with nuts. Cut or drill a hole through the largest pumpkin, and place on the branch. Top with two smaller pumpkins.
  • Pumpkin Snowman: Stack three pumpkins in graduated sizes, drilling holes through each and inserting a large stick to secure. Add stick arms and a face using a black marker.
  • Party piñata: Combine one-quarter cup flour and 1-cup hot water, stir and add 5-cups lightly boiling water. Cool until warm. Soak newspaper strips in the solution. Drape over a form- a balloon, a bottle. Dry and add more layers, using the paste as “glue”. You can make pumpkins, or a centerpiece turkey! Fill with candy or leave empty.
  • Holiday wreath:  Buy an inexpensive grapevine wreath and glue on fall items such as: pine cones, tiny gourds, Indian corn, acorns, etc. Top it off with a fall colored bow.
  • Pine cone turkeys: Using a large pinecone, glue a brown pipe cleaner to the smaller end and curl the top of the pipe cleaner to look like the turkey’s neck. On the opposite end of the pinecone, glue small brown feathers. Group this pinecone turkey with others for a centerpiece or leave individually as place card holders.
  • Changing your window treatments from light summery fabrics and colors to something with a heavier texture and darker color is one quick way to warm up a room for fall.
  • Preserving Leaves: Place foliage between two pieces of waxed paper (waxy side against the leaves and cover the ironing board cover with a towel). Press the wax paper with a medium hot iron, coating the leaves with the wax. Peel off the wax paper.  Replace the wax paper for each pressing.
  • Use an old wagon, man’s boot or bench to hold your outside autumn display. Arrange a bale of hay, corn stalks and pretty colored leaves. Add a couple of gourds and a few pumpkins, a scarecrow and a straw hat.