Solutions & Substitutions By Reena: Removing Iron-On Clothing Labels

By Reena Nerbas

Used Razor

Dear Reena,

I shave my legs three times a week with a pull type razor. How long should I use it before tossing it into the garbage? Jessica

Dear Jessica,

If you ask ten different people, you will receive ten different answers. Some people recommend that disposable razors are fine for three uses and others suggest three months or longer. If the razor nicks your skin, it is dull so throw it out. If you maintain the razor by drying the blade after each use it will last longer.

Sticky Carpet Backing

Dear Reena,

How do you remove the backing off a carpet that is stuck on a tile floor? Signed, JM

Dear JM,

Pour hot water onto the foam. Let the water soak for 10 minutes. Scrape with a long handled ice scraper and remove all of the foam.

Foil Burnt to Oven

Dear Reena,

My friend asked me to write to you and ask if you know a way to remove burnt, stuck tin foil from the bottom of her oven. The oven has the burner under the enamel in the bottom. She put a pot on top of the tin foil on top of the element. Any ideas on how to remove it? Thanks, Mary Ellen

Dear Mary Ellen,

While the following isn’t an instant solution; it is effective at removing foil without damaging the porcelain finish of your oven. In a cool oven, lay a hot, wet rag on the oven floor, leave for 20-30 mins. Use a little liquid dish soap to lubricate the area and scrape the foil with a plastic scrub pad, plastic scraper, or a credit card. The foil will eventually burn off over time.

Removing Iron-On Clothing Labels

Dear Reena,

Can you tell me how to get iron on clothing labels off of everyday garments? My mother was in a nursing home where they put her name on iron on labels on every item she owned. I would like to remove the labels and repurpose the clothing. I tried some ideas i.e. add more heat (hot iron) use a tea towel as a barrier, those didn’t work. These things are really stuck on and there is no lifting even one corner. P.S. The laundry ladies did not have any suggestions at the nursing home.

Dear Doris,

This is a common grievance since the labels are glued on in order to stay secure. With the help of the readers we may be able to send you a great solution. In the meantime, consider spraying the edge of the labels with WD-40 to loosen the glue. Leave for 20 mins. and attempt to remove the labels.


  • Adding a teaspoon of instant coffee granules or cocoa per two cups gravy enriches the flavor as well as adds color.
  • Cooked meat stores and freezes better in its gravy. The gravy keeps the meat from drying out.
  • Cornstarch has twice the thickening power of flour.
  • Instant mashed potato flakes will work as a thickener for gravy and produces no lumps. You may need extra salt.


Note: Every user assumes all risks of injury or damage resulting from the implementation of any suggestions in this column. Test all products on an inconspicuous area first.

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