Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Pool Noodles

By Reena Nerbas

Stains in Toilet

Dear Reena,

Can the “finish” on a toilet bowl deteriorate or erode from the point where reddish stains that appear to “flow” from the top of the bowl to the top of the water? The stains are removed with cleaner but reappear quickly. Thank you, Steve

Dear Steve,

You may want to consult with a professional plumber; however the reddish stains are likely iron in the water. When iron in water reacts with air, red stains become noticeable; if this is the case the iron is unlikely to damage the toilet bowl. Consider purchasing a water conditioning system consisting of both a filter and softening system to remove iron from the water.

Cabinet Fixtures

Dear Reena,

We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen from an outdated design to a modern stainless steel look. We are ready to choose handles for the drawers and cabinets. Do you have any advice of what to look for? Thanks, Cornie

Dear Cornie,

Begin by choosing a few styles that match the overall look of the kitchen. Do you like stainless steel, brass, pewter, glass or painted handles? While it is fine to mix and match styles, you can’t go wrong if you match stainless steel handles or knobs with your stainless steel appliances, light fixtures or sink. Place the handles against the cabinets and test how graspable the handles are; this is especially important for people struggling with Arthritis or those with very large hands. If you wear rings, choose a scratch resistant handle. Consider whether sleeves, belt loops and pockets might become hooked on the ends of the handles, this can be annoying. Also note the care needed for the handles. Will crumbs sit on the tops of handles? Will fingerprints be visible? Take your time choosing; most good quality handles last a long time!

Feedback from Fabulous Reader

Re: Discouraging Squirrels

Dear Reena,

A wise man once told me to place a dollar store rubber snake or owl amongst my plants because the squirrels are afraid of them. It worked wonders that was the first time I didn’t have to replace my plants all summer. Cary

Clever Uses for Pool Noodles

·        Prevent your child from rolling out of bed. Place a pool noodle under the fitted sheet as a soft wall. Submitted By: Melinda

·        I cut about a 12 inch piece of a pool noodle and push it onto my child’s bedroom door. That way if she tries to close the door, she won’t get her fingers pinched. Submitted By: Mckayla

·         My son had a pool party and instead of handing out plain old invitations; we used an elastic band and attached each invitation to a section of a pool noodle. Submitted By: Meline

·        When my wife parks in the garage she always hits the wall. I finally had a clever idea and bolted a pool noodle to the back wall. Now whenever she hits the wall, she doesn’t damage the vehicle. Submitted By:  Tyrone

·        Cut sections of pool noodles and put them around the legs of your bed. This prevents people from stubbing their toes on the legs in the dark. Submitted By: Jesse

·        Put a piece of pool noodle on a clothes hanger to prevent clothes such as pants from getting a fold line on them when they are hung for a long time. Submitted By: Jesse

Note: Every user assumes all risks of injury or damage resulting from the implementation of any suggestions in this column. Test all products on an inconspicuous area first.

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