Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: New Use for Old Newspaper

By Reena Nerbas

General Purpose DeGreaser

Hi Reena,

Can you recommend a non-rinse, general purpose kitchen degreasing spray for the bathroom and kitchen counter tops, stove and cupboards? Thanks so much, Cindy

Dear Cindy,

Here is a wild homemade cleaning spray, great for counters, stoves and bathrooms. Into a 4-cup spray bottle combine: One tsp. dish soap, five drops tea tree oil and enough white vinegar to fill the bottle. Spray and wipe (no need to rinse). When it comes to wooden kitchen cupboards, use plain old dish soap and water for regular cleaning. Scrub with a nylon scrubby pad.

Whitening Canvas Bag

Hi Reena,
What do you suggest for cleaning and whitening a white canvas summer bag? It has leather trim so I can’t wash it. I’ve tried commercial cleaners, baking soda, a mixture of dish detergent and bleach but nothing works. The detergent and bleach did the best, but I wasn’t sure if I was using the best ratio of ingredients. Any tips? Thank-you, Leslie

Hi Leslie,
Bleach always makes me cringe a little especially when leather is nearby. Since the bag is not washable and you have already spent time cleaning it, you may want to consider a really easy option. Using white latex paint, carefully paint the bag and allow drying. Doing this keeps the leather intact and brightens the bag. White shoe polish is another option!

Water Stains on Stainless Steel Sink

Dear Reena,
We have a stainless steel silk deck finish sink which is left with water stains when not properly wiped down. Is there a product that I can use to put onto the sink to keep water stains away? I read that you can wipe down your sink with mineral oil and then wipe down the oil with a clean cloth or paper towel. What would you recommend? Ken

Hi Ken,
Mineral oil works but so does cooking oil which you are more likely to have on hand when you are in the kitchen. These are both effective solutions for this challenge!

Fabulous Tips of The Week

• I have a tip for reusing old newspapers. I collect my old newspapers, not flyers, and bundle them up to bring to my local florist. The paper is used to wrap arrangements thereby finding another use before it is composted or ends up in the blue box for recycling. Submitted By: Iris

• Make your own puzzle! Cut a regular deck of playing cards into small pieces. Have the kids spend time piecing together all the cards in the deck. When they’re finished, they can play a good old fashioned game of Go Fish! Submitted By: Esther

• Here’s a simple, cost-saving way to keep skin looking young. Use a new spray bottle and fill with half water and half canola oil. Shake to mix. Spray generously over face and neck and massage gently (avoid eye area). Apply 2-3 times a week for radiant-looking skin. Submitted By: Esther

• Save water and money by washing your car and dog at the same time. Wet both, and then lather both while water is off. Turn water on and rinse both together. This also provides exercise when you are chasing the dog and great entertainment for the kids when they get involved! Submitted By: Sue

• Save money when doing laundry by using half as much detergent as needed and just a quarter of a fabric softener sheet. This is gentler on clothes as well! Submitted By: Sue

I enjoy your questions and tips, keep them coming. Need a Corporate Presenter on the topic: Harness the Power of Words? Check out my website

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