Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Healthy Halloween Treat

By Reena Nerbas

Getting Yellow Out of Lino

Hello Reena,

We bought a newer house and found that upon washing the kitchen floor the linoleum has a yellow stain/tinge to it around the sink area mainly. The color is supposed to be white (with small blue designs in mid square). I tried a couple basis cleaners (Vim type) but have not had success in brightening the color. Is there something I can use to help this issue? Thank-you, Janette

Dear Janette,

It sounds as though the previous owner kept a mat at the sink area. The sulfur used in manufacturing the mat has left you with a yellow stain which is often permanent. With so many vinyl and linoleum products on the market, what works on one does not necessarily work on another. If your floor were over 50 years old it would most likely be linoleum. Since your home is newer, the floor is probably vinyl. Many people have found pouring 3% hydrogen peroxide onto the floor every day for three days is helpful. Other people have great success by combining one quarter cup OxiClean with 1 gallon hot water and pouring the solution onto the area. Another solution is bleach but most experience that this application removes the floors finish and shine. Lastly, mineral spirits is another treatment that people have told me worked for them. It is a shame that so many floors have a tendency to yellow and discolor most often from a rubber backed rug or some other weight being left on one specific area.

Homemade Eye Glass Cleaner

Dear Reena,

I enjoy making my own cleaners. Do you have a home remedy for an eye glass cleaner? Richard

Dear Richard,

Here is a wonderful eyeglass cleaner recommended to me by an Optician: Fill a spray bottle three quarter full with rubbing alcohol and one quarter with water. Add a few drops of dish soap. Shake to mix. Spray lenses and gently wipe with a soft cloth (not paper towels, toilet paper or tissues these will scratch your lenses).

Feedback from Reader Who Cares

Re: How to keep the fizz in pop cans

Hi Reena,

First off, love your editorial. You have so many good solutions! My thoughts today are on the headlined topic of fizzed out pop. Please take a moment to realize pop or soda is the number one cause of obesity and one main cause of type2 diabetes. I always encourage family and friends to take time to research or as we now know it, ‘to Google’…the health effects pop has on our body. Just worried about ‘Alex’ and others. Hope you are not insulted about my fuzz over fizz!! Best regards, Randy

Practical Tips of the Week!

·        I want to share an activity that I like doing to get ready for Halloween company. Before my lunch guests arrive, I carve a face on an orange to look like a Jack-O-lantern. I hollow out the inside of the orange and fill the middle of the orange with cut up fruit such as grapes, apples and strawberry pieces. Each guest gets their own Jack-O-Lantern appetizer. Submitted By: Jaclyn

·        I use a rubber glove to clean pet fur off of furniture. Wiping my gloved hand along the furniture makes the fur collect into a ball. Then I gather the fur and compost it. Submitted By: Vivian

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