Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Hazy Film on Car Windows


By Reena Nerbas

Homemade Teak Oil

Dear Reena,

What are the ingredients of ‘homemade’ teak oil?  I need to make a new supply for my teak furniture. Ruth

Dear Ruth,

Teak is beautiful and durable and requires very little care. In fact many experts recommend nothing other than a damp cloth for regular dusting, and an annual light coating of paste wax or teak oil. I would like to share with you a recipe that I received from a contributor for homemade teak oil. Into a glass jar combine: One part linseed oil, one part polyurethane and half part paint thinner. Secure lid and gently shake before using (adding stain to darken wood is an option). Test on an inconspicuous area and use in a ventilated area.

Softening Fun Tak

Dear Reena

What do you think would be a good way to soften a very hard package of Fun Tak? Thanks, Greg

Hi Greg,

Soak a wash cloth in hot water and wrap it around the Fun Tak to soften it, heat is the key.

Washing Sheers

Dear Reena,

What is the best way to wash sheer curtains?  Do the hooks have to be removed? Eileen

Dear Eileen,

It is a good idea to remove all hooks before washing sheer curtains to avoid fabric strain and rust marks. For best results, follow the care label instructions. If no label exists; place curtains in a sink or bathtub and add warm water and a capful of shampoo. Gently swish curtains in the water. Remove plug to drain water. Fill tub with plain water to rinse. Hang to dry to avoid wrinkles on fabric. If you notice wrinkles on the damp curtains after hanging, dry them with a hair dryer set on warm heat.

Feedback from Readers:

Re: Hazy film that covers the windows of my car

Hi Reena,

Just read a question and answer about auto glass recurring film. I think that the writer was referring to interior auto glass. The vinyl interior “off-gasses” tend to leave a film on the inside of the glass which may be recurring. To clean, I use a terry towel with a mild soap solution, rub hard. Finish the clean with GM Glass Cleaner and paper towel again, rubbing firmly. To make the reach onto the front and rear glass, I have purchased a wand with a flexible head and changeable bonnets. I think the film comes from the PVC off gas, especially in full sunlight. Hope this helps. Rick

Re: Hazy film that covers the windows of my car

Dear Reena,

In my opinion the writer is saying that there is a film that always comes back after cleaning. They could mean film is still there once dry or is gone and then returns in a few days. Car windows should be cleaned with glass cleaners for car windows and not everyday window cleaner. They are specially formulated to remove this film but it will come back later on as some of it is a byproduct of chemicals given off by plastics and other materials in the car. Car windows need cleaning more often, the warm cold cycles, the air on windshield, hands, breath, smoking and air entering and existing through windows and vents all contribute to windows getting dirtier faster than in a home. In my experience dark colored cars that get hotter inside when parked in the sun and cars with vinyl seats are the worst for creating this film.

If the problem is that the film/marks cannot be removed with auto glass cleaner, there are also specialized cleaners for water spots or fogged moisture that dries on the interior glass one of which is “Glass Scrub” and there are many other brands available at an auto supply store. Glass Scrub or similar products can also be used to clean and polish the outside of windows as dirt and debris can get quite attached. Besides a visual check, drawing your hand across clean glass should tell you by the drag how clean they are and whether they need further work.

A pro can also polish out most window marks. Products like Rain X on clean outside glass will reduce the frequency of heavy duty cleaning by preventing dirt and debris from sticking. I enjoy your column, Dale

Handy Household Hints

·        Into your freezer place smelly, un-washable gloves for a couple of hours to kill bacteria smell. Submitted By: Byron

·        Tuck dryer sheets and crumpled up newspaper inside of smelly boots and shoes to remove odor. Submitted By: Zara

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