Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Fruit Flies

By Reena Nerbas

Stained Hardwood

Hi Reena,

I forgot a squash in my closet and it left a terrible stain on my untreated hardwood floor. Do you have any suggestions to clean up the black ugly stain? Thank you, Debbie

Hi Debbie,

Your local hardware store likely carries floor touch-up dyes and floor fixes to restore the floor. Another option is to gently sand the area with fine grit sandpaper until the stained area matches the rest of the floor. After sanding is complete, if the floor is too light in color, the easiest (and cheapest) solution is to boil a pot of strong tea. When the tea is warm, put a cloth into the tea and wipe it onto the floor. Repeat several times.

Cleaning Cashmere

Dear Reena,

Thank-you for all your wonderful tips. This past weekend at Thanksgiving I rubbed up against something when wearing my cashmere sweater. I was told to put baking soda on it. I did that and eventually sprayed it with Oxy Clean and washed in cold water. The stain is still there. I reapplied baking soda and Oxy again but the stain remains. My mom suggested chalk! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Warm regards, Kim

Dear Kimberly,

Check the care label instructions; if possible wash the sweater in hot water. Only use cold water if the label indicates that this is necessary because some stubborn stains only respond to hot water. Purchase Head and Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo and rub it into the stain. Hand wash the sweater with the appropriate water temperature.

Moss in the Driveway

Dear Reena,

Can you please give me a few tips on the best way to clean the moss from between the pavers in our driveway? Is there a solution I can use? Ardo

Dear Ardo,

My favorite solution is to make your own weed killer by combining: 4 cups pickling vinegar, half cup salt and 2 tbsp. dish soap. Spray on unwanted plants in driveway cracks. Be careful not to spray adjacent plants. Leftover boiled potato water also makes an excellent weed killer for patios, driveways and paths.

Dishwasher Leak

Dear Reena,

We had a water leak from the dishwasher under the vinyl on the floor and it left rust stains from the screws in the subfloor. Thanks, Karen

Hi Karen,

Pour 1 tsp. household ammonia and 1 tsp 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1 drop dish soap onto the area. Cover with plastic wrap and leave for 3 hours. Scrub the area with a green scrubby pad (test on an inconspicuous area first).

Feedback from Fantastic Readers!

Re: Fruit Flies

Dear Reena,

I make my own fruit fly catcher using apple cider vinegar. But I place the dispenser on a mouse trap glue board. This traps even more flies. Thanks, Edward

Re: Fruit Flies

Dear Reena,

Here is the world’s easiest way to catch fruit flies. Purchase a small bottle of vinegar, the kind with the flip top. Open the lid and place it beside your sink. The flies become trapped and can’t find their way out. Thanks, Ranjan

Smart Tips of the Week!

  • Use Baby Diaper Rash Cream for rashes and itchy skin due to sunburn, medicine (such as Warfarin), and for underarm and under breast soreness. (Check with your doctor first). Submitted By: Raine
  • Use Vicks Vapor Rub for night coughs due to smoking or medicines. Just spread a little on your nostrils before bed. Sleep tight. Also use as a soothing rub on aching feet or arthritis swellings. (Check with your doctor first). Submitted By: Raine

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