Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Fridge Tips


By Reena Nerbas

Foot Odour

Dear Reena,

I have a big problem with excessive foot odor. The odor overwhelmed my cubicle and I am in an embarrassing situation each time someone comes to my cubicle. I wash my feet twice a day every day, before bed and before going to work, sometimes I soak my feet with baking soda, or tea, or salt. I use foot powder which temporarily stops the odor and I also tried deodorant/antiperspirant on the bottoms of my feet. I sprinkled some baking soda in my shoes overnight but the odor returns as soon as my feet sweat. Not sure if this has something to do with blood circulation or my body lacks some kind of nutrition. I am desperate; how I can get rid of the foot odor? Thank you, J.J.

Dear J.J.,

You have obviously worked hard to combat this frustration by using many tried and true solutions. Your absolute best bet, make an appointment with a physician and seek medical advice, the solution might be simpler than you ever imagined! In the meantime, head over to a store such as Marks Work Warehouse or a sporting goods store and purchase the best moisture wicking socks that you can find.

Composite Decking

Dear Reena,

I hear a lot of people talking about composite decking; what is it? Manny

Dear Manny,

Composite decks are made from wood fibers and recycled plastics. They come in a wide variety of colours. They are often recommended for cooler climates because the textile can get very hot. They are durable and quick to install. Composite doesn’t rot and is very durable, but costs about three times more money than some wood varieties. Composite decking doesn’t require stripping, sanding, staining or painting.

Cleaning Pewter

Dear Reena,

Is there a way to clean pewter items? Mine have a dark hue to them and I hesitate to try to clean them with the wrong stuff. Thank you, Margaret

Dear Margaret,

There are commercial polishes on the market formulated specifically for pewter and other soft metals. If you prefer to clean pewter using products from your home; many people had great results cleaning pewter by gently rubbing it with olive oil and cabbage leaves or a very soft cloth. After pewter is clean, consider purchasing a neutral wax polish to protect your pieces from future oxidization.

Feedback from Contributing Readers

Re: Flattening Rice Krispie Treats

Dear Reena,

I butter the flat end of my potato masher, and then press down on the Rice Krispies. Any other flat surface will do. Works like a charm. Desiree
Dear Reena,

After dumping the mixture from the pot into a rectangular container, I use a rubber spatula that I have rubbed with margarine. I might have to re-apply the margarine a couple times, but it then slides effortlessly over the sticky mess. Darlene

Dear Reena,

Flatten Rice Krispie squares in a 9×13 plastic container instead of a baking dish. That way you have a lid and don’t need to fuss with foil and plastic wrap. Darren

Fridge Maintenance Tips

Cleaning underneath the fridge can be challenging unless you own a yardstick and a pair of nylon pantyhose. Use a rubber band to attach the nylons to the end of the yardstick. Run the stick under the fridge to pull our lingering dust bunnies.

Here is a tip for fridges that are not typically kept full. In order for your fridge to run efficiently; store a gallon of water inside the fridge at all times.

Clean your fridge before you shop. This makes the task easier since there are fewer items to move around.

Store an open jar of fresh coffee grounds inside the fridge to absorb food odors.

Note: Every user assumes all risks of injury or damage resulting from the implementation of any suggestions in this column. Test all products on an inconspicuous area first.

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