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By Reena Nerbas

Magnetic Cat Hair

Dear Reena,

I own two very furry cats. I always put the toilet seat down when the toilet is not in use but when I lift up the seat it is covered with fur. Seems like fur is attracted to the seat, any tips for how to stop the mess? Nadine

Dear Nadine,

Wipe the toilet seat with a fabric softener sheet, the fur will not be attracted to the area. You can also wipe the outer portion of the toilet with either liquid fabric softener (and rinse) or white vinegar, to deter fur cling.

Curing Hiccups

Hi Reena,
I know that you are a big fan of baking soda; I have another use for baking soda. I use it to cure my hiccups, but the taste isn’t to my liking. Do you have any other suggestions for curing hiccups? Arden
Dear Arden,
Baking soda is one of those underappreciated products that I lovingly refer to as a Household Superstar! It helps deodorize, unclog drains, remove stains, cure bad breath and the list goes on and on. However, when it comes to curing hiccups my favorite solution is water (although 1 tsp. of peanut butter or Nutella chocolate spread are also fast and effective but the hiccups tend to return). I received this tip from a retired school teacher and it works great! Using your hands, plug your ears and nose. Have someone hold a cup of water to your mouth. Take 12 sips of water and the hiccups will often vanish!

White Marks on Wood Furniture

Dear Reena,

What are the steps required to remove white water marks on an antique wooden night stand? Christina

Dear Christina,

Since the table is an antique the water may have stripped the finish of the table. If this is the case, you will need to refinish the surface of the table. But first, place a tea towel onto the area and press the mark with a warm iron. Observe whether the stain is gone. Next smear mayonnaise over the spot, leave for one hour and wipe. If the stain remains, sand and refinish the table.

Feedback from Reader

Re: Fridge Odor

Dear Reena,

I contacted you a while back about a bad odor in our fridge as the result of a meat spill. You suggested using crumpled newspaper, and it worked like a charm! The odor is gone, and I can’t thank you enough! Vi

Unique Household Idea

I like to use small jars, preferably plastic ones, to store small items in the shop. Peanut butter jars are ideal, but they often have a stubborn label glued onto the jar. Soaking in soapy dish water doesn’t always work, but this usually does: carefully fill the jar with almost-boiling water from the kettle (tap water is not hot enough); let it sit for a few minutes, and then slowly peel the label off. With this method, all the glue usually stays with the label, and there’s no additional effort required to get the glue off of the jar. Works for me! Dave

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