Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Sharing Your Home with Pets

By Reena Nerbas

Cat Scratches Leather Couch

Dear Reena,

My cat has put multiple nicks/scratches on my leather couch. How can I cover them, so they are not as noticeable? Linda

Dear Linda,

Scratches become less noticeable if shoe polish is color matched and applied to leather. However, be aware because shoe polish may transfer to fabrics, if guests sit on the area that you repair. Your best bet is to purchase a leather touch up kit. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the kit to achieve the best results.

Limp Asparagus

Dear Reena,

I regularly purchase asparagus; however, I often leave it too long before cooking it. Do you have any advice for reviving limp asparagus so that I don’t end up wasting any more money? Dee

Dear Dee,

Unless the asparagus is too far gone, revive asparagus the same way you would revive limp celery. Place veggies in a tall pot with ice water in the refrigerator for thirty minutes.

Doggie Smell

Dear Reena,

What is the best way to get rid of pet (dog) smell in the house – enzyme stuff? What I am told is that the smell can permeate into the walls, floors and even the furniture? Adelon

Hi Adelon,

For very overpowering smells, you may want to consider renting an ozone machine because the smell will disappear quickly. This little machine is not recommended for regular use, but it is great for enclosed areas that are affected by: pets, smoke or flood damage, or just smell. The machine lets out a molecule called O3 (which is oxygen with an extra molecule attached). The third molecule escapes into the air and absorbs all odors. These machines can be rented at tool rental retailers, as well as some hardware stores. Read all manufacturers’ instructions before use. If you do not opt to use an ozone machine you can remove the smell by: painting, replacing flooring, washing the walls, baseboards and windows and cleaning the furniture.

Cleaning Vehicle Windows

Dear Reena,

I have tried several commercial and homemade glass cleaners to clean the inside of my car windows, but they have always left streaks when the sun reflects off of the windows. Do you have any suggestions for cleaning the inside of vehicle windows? Charles

Dear Charles,

Purchase a good quality squeegee, a wet mop and a window scraper. Amazing window cleaner recipe: In a gallon size container mix: 1 cup rubbing alcohol and 1 tsp. cheap shampoo. Fill to the top with water. Spray windows and scrub with a wet, window mop. Use a scraper to remove any dried-on bugs and leaves. Avoid cleaning windows when the sun shines directly on them. The sun will dry the windows too fast which will result in streaks. Clean the water off the glass with a squeegee. Wipe the edges of the squeegee after removing the water. Dry windows with either a good quality micro fiber cloth or old newspaper. Crumple it up and rub the windows until they’re dry. For extra shine, put cornstarch in a bucket with water. Wipe windows and dry with a micro fiber cloth or newspaper.

Soft Hands for a Smooth Winter

Make your own Hand Lotion: Into a double boiler melt 4 oz. sweet almond oil and 1 oz. beeswax. Remove from heat and add 2 oz. water and stir well. Add 10 drops Vitamin E and 10 drops of your favorite essential oil such as lavender. Stir until cool. Pour contents into jars or metal tins. Candace

Note: Every user assumes all risks of injury or damage resulting from the implementation of any suggestions in this column. Test all products on an inconspicuous area first.

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