Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Salty Tips

By Reena Nerbas

Removing Window Decals

Dear Reena,

To deter birds from flying into my patio windows I put decals on the windows. I took the decals off and they have left sticky goo which I can’t remove. Do you have any advice? Anne

Dear Anne,

Your best bet is to wash the sticky residue with a non-scratching abrasive cloth, hot water and dish soap. The hot water will loosen the glue. Clean your windows as normal after the residue is gone.

Label Stuck to Concrete

Dear Reena,

In order to meet the recycling standards, I was removing a large label from paper towel packaging. I got it off in one swift rip, which was fantastic, until it landed flat on the concrete floor. I finished unloading the paper towels and by the time I got to the label, it was flush. I was able to peel off a few bits, but they were coming off in bits. I stopped, as I felt this wouldn’t help. Now I’m left with a foot-long mess on the concrete. Thoughts? Hoping to avoid heavy-duty chemicals. Thought maybe a rag soaked in vinegar might work? Kind regards, Lexi 

Dear Lexi,

Hot water and a stiff plastic scraper should be all you need in order to remove the sticker. A hot hair dryer is another option. Or pour rubbing alcohol onto the area and gently scrape.

Burned Ceramic Stove Top

Hi Reena,

I would like to know how to clean a badly burned ceramic stove top. My daughters have made eggs and not cleaned the stove top properly and it is impossible to clean. I have used the glass top cleaner and scraper but am unable to get the burned spots off. Thanks, Laurel

Dear Laurel,

Years ago, a contributor shared the same challenge. She sprayed the stove with oven cleaner and scrubbed. She said the stove looked brand new (test on an inconspicuous area first).

Feedback from Wise Contributor

Re: Peeling Garlic

Hi Reena,

I was reading your column today about a tip for removing the peel from garlic cloves. I have the following tip – microwave a clove or two on high for about 5 seconds, then cut off the end and the peel will just slide off! Thanks, Christine

Use These Tips with a Grain of Salt

Pour half cup of table salt into your kitchen/bathroom drain and garburator. Doing this quick exercise once a month will freshen the drain and get rid of stinky pipes. Submitted by: Mark

To quickly chill a bottle of wine, place the bottle in an ice bucket. Add a layer of ice on the bottom and sprinkle it with a few tablespoons of table salt. Continue to layer salt and ice until it reaches the neck of the bottle. Then add water to ice level. After 10 minutes, open and serve. Rinse the ice bucket thoroughly after use. Submitted by: Mark

Before winter, I maintain my metal tools, and bicycle parts by cleaning them with a paste of salt and lemon juice. This prevents future rust build-up. Submitted by: Mark

Get rid of bitter coffee by adding a pinch of table salt to the fresh coffee grounds before running coffee through the machine. Submitted by: Aileen

Remove odors from hands and cutting boards by rubbing them with lemon juice and salt. Rinse with water. Submitted by: Aileen

Note: Every user assumes all risks of injury or damage resulting from the implementation of any suggestions in this column. Test all products on an inconspicuous area first.

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