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Cleaning Fireplace Chrome

Dear Reena,

My wife and I completed some home reno’s that overall went well, but we do have a minor problem. We had a new fireplace installed but did not remove the protective film that covers the chrome finish. We did have to test the fireplace before all the reno’s were complete. Apparently the heat from the testing cooked some of the glue used on the protective film to the chrome on the fireplace. How do we remove the “smudges” and get the new fireplace to “gleam”? Thank you, David

Dear David,

Contact the manufacturer to inquire about commercial cleaning products to avoid hurting your warranty. If this is not an option: Clean with Windex, to avoid scratches use a very, very soft cloth when cleaning the chrome; the ammonia will help the frame “gleam”. Olive oil, rubbing alcohol and WD-40 are other options (test on an inconspicuous area first).

Fruit Flies

Dear Reena,

At this time of year, there is usually an infestation of little fruit flies in the kitchen especially when fruit is on the counter. How do we get rid of them? Lil

Dear Lil,

Eliminate exposed food sources such as bread, fruit, potatoes and crumbs. Wash dishes regularly and empty garbage’s, take out compost bucket, clean drains and garburators. Hang dish cloths instead of allowing them to sit in a damp pile; this is a perfect breeding area for flies. Plant soil is another breeding area for fruit flies therefore it is important to wait until necessary to carry plants inside for the winter.

Purchase a restaurant style, funnel cap vinegar dispenser. Fill with wine or vinegar. Cap and set near the kitchen sink. Fruit flies are attracted to the smell of fermenting fruit. Some people like to take this one step further and place the dispenser onto a cardboard, glue board.

Extra Tip: Storing bananas during fruit fly season is easier then you may think. At this time of the year; store fruit in the fridge. Separate bananas and wrap them individually inside place bags such as the bulk vegetables bag. Place all individually wrapped banana bags inside one plastic grocery bag. The bananas won’t turn brown for several days; and they stay fresh longer than if left on the counter.

Feedback from Previous Query

Re: Betty’s sinking bread update

Hi Reena,

I wrote you some time ago about my Fergasa Bread falling after making it for quite some time. Since then, I contacted the grocery store in my area and talked to the Baking Supervisor. I explained my situation and she told me that it sounded like I wasn’t baking the bread long enough. I took a sample of the Fergasa bread to her the next day because I had just taken 3 loaves out of the oven.

She took one look at the bread and told me that I wasn’t baking it long enough. She suggested raising the temperature from 350 degrees F to 360 degrees F and baking it for a little longer so that it is quite brown and not just a light golden color. She told me that they use a 370 degree oven. She also suggested instead of making 3 large loaves to make smaller loaves. I did this on my next batch and it worked! Next time I will go back to the 3 loaves but bake them at the higher temperature and for a little longer. The 3 loaves gives me a much higher loaf. Thought you would like to hear about this, Betty

Handy Tip of the Week

  • Save time when peeling potatoes. Boil water in a large pot. While water is heating; score each potato skin around the width of each potato. Boil potatoes for 15 mins. Place potatoes in ice water. When cool enough to touch; pull off potato skins. Prepare as normal.

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