Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Mildew in Closed Up Homes


By Reena Nerbas

Mildew in Seasonal Homes

Dear Reena,

Have you any suggestions on how to prevent mildew from growing in closed mobile homes in Texas while we Snowbirds are back in Canada? Ours is closed up for 9 months every year. But very many had the same problem as it was so wet down here this year. The one logical idea I’ve heard is cat litter, but I do wonder where that liquid would go. Thanks, Kathleen

Dear Kathleen,

Cat litter is effective for absorbing small quantities of moisture; however for wet climates this step is too small. Have you considered purchasing a thick polyethylene ground sheet to prevent moisture from rising? Also, check to make sure that all cracks in the walls, floor and ceiling light fixtures are sealed. Is the insulation under the mobile home energy efficient? Some recommend leaving the rooftop vents open and installing specialized vent covers to allow air flow and prevent moisture from becoming trapped.

Homemade Buns

Dear Reena,

I love to make homemade buns and they usually turn out light and fluffy but unfortunately some are big and some are small. Is there a trick to baking evenly shaped homemade buns? Thanks, Frankie

Dear Frankie,

Ensure that every bun uses equal amounts of dough by weighing each pre-baked bun on a kitchen scale. The typical size for a dinner roll is 2 ounces per roll. Use the same rolling technique for every bun.

Readers Share

Re: Deep Frying Turkey

Dear Reena,

Saw your recent response about deep frying a turkey. I thought it was important to note the importance of following all safety precautions when deep frying a turkey. And YES, it is totally worth the effort! Darryl

Re: Color Faded Sil Granite Sink

Dear Reena,

I just read your recent column referring to the article on the black Sil Granite sink. I, too, have one which is about 8 or 9 years old and have had this continuous problem. I have always blamed it on our alkaline water in the rural area that we live in. I’ve had much contact with the company and they provided many solutions over the years, none of which solved the problem, but the best one was what you suggested to your reader about using cooking oil – except that they told me to use mineral oil – a pricey alternative. V. H.

Re: Brown and White Eggs

Dear Reena,

You are wrong on the color of eggs. Ear lobe color determines egg shell color not feather color, there are breeds of hens that have brown feathers and lay a white shelled egg. Thank-you, Trevor

Re: Smart Lid Storage Idea

Dear Reena,

The easiest way for me to store lids; is to put the lids back on their container. Works for me! Claude

Best Tip of the Week

Prevent ice dams from forming on roofs. Keep your roof as cold as the eaves forcing cold attic air to circulate evenly; by running one or two fans in your attic. This technique only works in attics that let cold air in at the gable, eaves or roof ridge. Submitted By Former Contractor, Ellice

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