Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Double Duty with Rubbing Alcohol

By Reena Nerbas

Spreadable Butter

Dear Reena,

Years ago, your column featured a suggestion for making spreadable butter. What were the measurements and ingredients? Thanks, Helen

Dear Helen,

Soften a pound of butter overnight in a large, mixer bowl. The next day start blending your butter until it is creamy. Into a large measuring cup pour one and a half cups of your favorite oil i.e. olive, vegetable, canola etc. and slowly add the oil into the butter until you have a fairly liquid product (experiment to find the consistency you prefer.) If you wish, you can add a little additional salt. You will now have a fairly liquid product.

Pour your “new” butter into individual small containers and store in the fridge. This product will harden and remain spreadable.

Washing and Drying Window Blinds

Dear Reena,

I live in an apartment style condo. so I have no access to a clothesline or any place to hang things outside. The blinds in our bedrooms are the narrow metal type, ivory colored. They are getting really dingy and I was seriously thinking of replacing them, but then I thought you might know an easy way of washing them. In the tub is my only option, but then what should I do with them? Hanging them up wet would be a tad messy. Hope you can help. Thanks again for all the advice, Ben

Dear Ben,

Consider purchasing an inexpensive steam cleaner for your home. Spray the steam cleaner onto the blinds; wipe slats with a clean sock or rag. For regular cleaning, wipe slates with a fabric softener sheet to deter dust from collecting on the blinds. Or vacuum the blinds using the dust attachment. If you do decide to wash the blinds in the bathtub; lay them on a towel and dry them with your hair dryer.

Front Load Washer

Hi Reena,

I was wondering if you have any tips/solutions for getting the discoloration out of the rubber liner just inside the door of a front loading washing machine. I inherited my parent’s washer, and it came with discoloration; I would like to clean it up if I can. Harmpreet

Dear Harmpreet,

While wearing gloves combine: 1-gallon warm water with 1 cup of liquid bleach. Apply to the seal; wait 5 minutes. Scrub with an old toothbrush. Rinse with water.

Cleaning Burned Fiber off Cooktop

Dear Reena,

How can I safely remove some burned on ‘oven mitt fabric fibers’ from the top element of my, new black stove, without damaging or scraping the black ceramic top. Don’t ask what happened. Trevor

Dear Trevor,

Wet the area with dish soap and water to dampen. Scrape the area gently with a metal putty knife or razor blade (available where appliances are sold). Wipe to clean; your stove should look as good as new! So… what happened?

Fabulous Tips of the Week:

To keep big hairy spiders out of your house, take horse chestnuts, pierce them with a needle or awl and put them in the corners and under the furniture in each room. They don’t deter little spiders, just those horrible large ones! Submitted By: Diane

While it is true that, razor blades are made of stainless steel; it is also true that hair is a protein, so how can hair dull your blades? It doesn’t; what dulls the blade is the soap or shaving cream you use. So, store your razor in a cup or other container with about a half inch of cheap rubbing alcohol in the bottom; replenish as it evaporates. Our razor blades now last us for YEARS!! Submitted By: Diane

Extra Tidbit: Rubbing alcohol is also effective as an air freshener and helps absorb stale odors, so leaving a container in the bathroom will do double duty.

(Warning: Do not leave rubbing alcohol exposed where children have access to it).

Note: Every user assumes all risks of injury or damage resulting from the implementation of any suggestions in this column. Test all products on an inconspicuous area first.

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