Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Don’t Step on my Suede Shoes

By Reena Nerbas

Scuff Marks on Suede Shoes

Dear Reena,

I have a pair of navy suede shoes that have a lot of light scuff marks on them. I wiped them with a damp cloth, but I think I made them worse. Thank you, Gwen

Dear Gwen,

Sprinkle the suede fabric with baking soda and then brush the nap back and forth with a damp nail brush. However, if the suede is a synthetic fabric, you will be able to clean it with plain old water and dish soap. Rinse and let dry.

Perfecting Scrambled Eggs

Dear Reena,

I cook scrambled eggs, but they are never fluffy. They are never perfect, the way that they are at restaurants. What am I doing wrong? Janet

Dear Janet,

One of the ways to avoid making scrambled eggs that are runny, is to season them after they are cooked. If you salt eggs as they cook, or before, they tend to breakdown, and become watery. As well, it is not necessary to stir in water or milk to the eggs as they scramble. This is a personal preference, of course, but many chefs add nothing to the eggs. Avoid overcooking scrambled eggs, by removing the pan from the heat a few times as they cook. Stir with a spatula to ensure that they cook evenly and become fluffy little heaps of sunshine as they finish. Season before eating.

Bleached Countertop

Hello Reena,

I recently left a container on my older dark green melamine kitchen counter that had some bleach and water in it. I didn’t realize that a few drops of this solution dripped directly onto the counter. When I returned several hours later, I immediately saw that the counter top had discolored due to the bleach/water drips. Short of replacing the countertop completely, is there anything you can recommend to darken these spots that are now significantly and noticeably lighter in color than the rest of the counter? I’d appreciate any words of wisdom! Rose

Dear Rose,

Scrub your countertop with Silver Cleaner and a damp cloth. This little trick is often all you need to remove bleach marks on melamine countertops.

Removing Non-slip Strips from Bathtub

Hi Reena,

I recently moved. The bottom of the bathtub is covered with 10-inch dirty strips. Have you a good solution to remove them? Thanks so much, Delaine

Dear Delaine,

Wet the area with hot water. Pour a generous amount of dish soap onto the strips. Leave for 10 mins. Use a plastic scraper to pick up one edge of the strips. Lift the ends and pull.

Feedback from Wonderful Contributor

Re: Skin So Soft from Avon

Dear Reena,

Skin So Soft is famous in the logging industry for keeping mosquitoes away. So, I gave it to my mother for when she played at the golf course. Eventually she politely asked me not to, as it also had the reverse effect on the bees.

Also, it would be interesting if you asked readers how they store their lettuce. I rinse and drain mine and keep it in a covered plastic box. It is nicer the day after coming in from the garden, unless it was 4-5 degrees Celsius and raining. Rodney

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