Sold! Community Spirit Lifts the 2019 Calgary Stampede Canvas Auction to an Impressive Finish

Community spirit brought the 2019 Calgary Stampede Canvas Auction to an impressive finish, as 36 chuckwagon drivers and prospective bidders gathered for an action-packed evening in the Boyce Theatre at the 2019 Canvas Auction, presented by GMC.

“It’s wonderful to see all of these companies and groups step forward to support the iconic sport of chuckwagon racing in our community,” says Paul Kavanagh, chair of the Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon committee. “We have a great mix of new and returning advertisers who are now preparing to celebrate with us during our annual event in July.”

Gearing up to kick-off the 2019 Canvas Auction.

The room was buzzing with energy as the auctioneer opened the floor to bids on the 36 drivers looking to team up with advertisers at this year’s Stampede. One by one, each chuckwagon driver joined the auctioneer on stage and the bidding for the advertising rights on their respective canvases began.

The auction in full-action.

This year, more than 180 organizations turned up to bid. Top bid went to Troy Dorchester, the 29th chuckwagon driver in the auction lineup, at an impressive, late evening bid of $150,000. The top three bids were rounded out by Kurt Bensmiller, receiving a bid of $120,000, and Jason Glass, also hitting the mark at $120,000.

Troy Dorchester, smiling big after receiving the top bid of the evening at $150,000.

Overall, $3,285,000 was raised from the 2019 Canvas Auction and will be directly reinvested into the sport. Eighty per cent of these proceeds will go to the chuckwagon drivers to support the care of their horses throughout their entire racing season. The remaining 20 per cent is reinvested by the Calgary Stampede through prize money, safety and programming initiatives for chuckwagon racing.

Luke Tournier eagerly watching from the stage as the crowd bids on his canvas.

The drivers will be seen racing around the track sporting their new advertiser’s logos at this year’s Stampede, as they compete for the coveted $100,000 prize at the GMC Rangeland Derby, July 5 – 14, 2019.

This is also a unique advertising opportunity for the organizations that purchased the canvases, as their brands will not only be showcased in front of visitors from around the world at the 2019 Calgary Stampede, but will also get the exclusive opportunity of hosting guests behind-the-scenes in the chuckwagon barns during the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

A big Stampede thank you to all of the organizations and community members that bid! We look forward to hosting you in July.

Source: Calgary Stampede