Snowmobiles are Not Permitted on Public Roads, Pathways or Parks

Snowmobiles are Not Permitted on Public Roads, Pathways or Parks

HIGH RIVER, AB: The Town is reminding residents and visitors that off-highway vehicles and/or snowmobiles are not permitted to be operated on town roads, parks or pathways per the Town’s Traffic Bylaw.

photo by Tech. Sgt. Matthew Hannen

There is particular concern that snowmobiles are being driven on roads and along the berms within High River. Residents and visitors need to be aware that driving vehicles on the berms and on other public areas of town is a safety concern to citizens and can cause damage to infrastructure that taxpayers will pay to replace. The Province and the Town have invested $200 million in building these berms and other flood mitigation projects to protect High River.

Traffic Bylaw 4310/2011 states:

  • No person shall operate an Off-Highway Vehicle as defined in Part 6 of the Traffic Safety Act, R.S.A. 2000 Chapter T-6 as amended, on any portion of a highway, sidewalk or boulevard within the Town of High River.
  • No person shall operate any off-highway vehicle within the areas designated as parks or urban reserve within the Town.
  • A person shall not do any of the following:

(a) Drive an off-highway vehicle on any property, whether publicly or privately owned, that the public is ordinarily entitled or permitted to use, in a manner that constitutes driving carelessly;

(b) Permit another person to drive an off-highway vehicle in contravention of this Bylaw.

Anyone in violation of this Bylaw is subject to fines under the Town’s Rate Bylaw.