Snow Removal in Okotoks


Snow clearing OkotoksA few friendly reminders this winter season:

  • Snow clearing on sidewalks is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.
  • Where sidewalks border parks, the Town provides the snow removal.
  • Where sidewalks border businesses and residences, the private property owner is responsible.

After a major snowfall, please remove vehicles from the street on priority snow removal routes to facilitate snow removal.

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Be a Snow Angel!

Snow Angel OkotoksRequire Assistance With Snow Removal?

Are you a resident of Okotoks who needs assistance with shoveling your sidewalk or driveway? The Volunteer Resource Centre may be able to offer support through this program. Call us for assistance!

Be a friendly neighbour, become a Snow Angel! 

Do you have neighbours who may need assistance with shoveling their sidewalk or  driveway? Why not be a “Snow Angel” and shovel for them? This is a great way to get exercise, earn community service hours, and help out others in your community.

Volunteers assist Okotoks residents who are unable to shovel. For some residents, particularly seniors and persons with disabilities, shovelling snow can be difficult and even dangerous.

To be a Snow Angel, all you need to do is shovel snow for a person or neighbour in need in your neighbourhood. Your efforts will help create a safer community for everyone and will help people meet their responsibility to remove ice and snow from their sidewalks as soon as possible after a snowfall.  The Town bylaw prohibits homeowners from letting snow or ice accumulate on their sidewalks during continuous snowfalls for multiple days at a time.