Snow Clearing in Okotoks

The Town of Okotoks is committed to providing efficient services and maintaining safe conditions for residents throughout the winter season.

During a typical snow event and for several days following the event, all routes in Town are monitored closely by Transportation crews working 24 hour shifts. Sanding and snow clearing operations have taken place overnight and will continue today on Priority 1 arterial roads and downtown.

After a snow fall, or when snow and ice accumulations are high, you can expect sanding and snow clearing operations to occur. Sharing roads and sidewalks with snow clearing equipment can create special challenges for motorists and pedestrians. Visibility may be hampered due to poor weather conditions. The plowing and sanding crews need room to do their work efficiently and effectively. Please be patient and think about safety first when in the vicinity of any snow clearing equipment and sanding trucks.

Don’t forget to leave yourself additional travel time to get to destinations.

For more information on snow clearing in Okotoks please visit…/public-works/…/snow-clearing.

To view the snow clearing map please visit…/fi…/pdfs/publications/SR_Public.pdf .