Smart Investing – Helping People Help Themselves!

Rain spent his early years in 14 foster homes, five group homes, four different institutions, and was homeless for six years. Realizing this was not the way he wanted his life to continue, Rain approached Momentum. This community-based, charitable organization helps Calgarians living below the poverty line develop new skills and knowledge to help them move toward the life they want for themselves, their families and their community.

Through the Savings Circle program, Momentum was able to teach Rain how to really manage his finances. With this knowledge, and the help of others, Rain went from someone who never lived anywhere for more than two years, with no money to speak of, to someone living in the same home for five years, and able to save money for his future. For the first time in his life, Rain can now picture a future for himself and he is working towards his dream of becoming a social worker, so he can help others, like those who helped him.

Momentum operates under the belief that Calgarians in need don’t need a band-aid approach to crisis management; they need the tools to prevent these crises from happening. They believe all people, regardless of their background, have a contribution to make to society. Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) helps fund Momentum, enabling them to deliver life-changing programs like the Savings Circles, to Calgarians like Rain.

Since 1966, FCSS, a cost-sharing partnership between The City of Calgary and the Government of Alberta, has helped hundreds of thousands of Calgarians overcome such challenges as poverty, social isolation and the effects of childhood trauma. Focused on providing preventive social services at the earliest opportunity, FCSS helps individuals and communities avoid crisis by building up their resilience to overcome challenges, with outcomes that benefit everyone.

The City of Calgary is a proud partner in Calgary’s poverty reduction strategy – Enough for All. We are committed to creating an inclusive city where everyone has the ability to participate in community life, regardless of income. One of the ways they do that is through strategic partnerships with other levels of government, like FCSS, and not-for-profits.

In 2018, each dollar contributed to FCSS by The City of Calgary leveraged additional $8.58, helping 77 different organizations deliver 150 programs to Calgarians.

  • 48,343 Calgarians benefited from participating in FCSS-funded programs
  • 380 neighborhood-based, resident-led projects were made possible through FCSS funding
  • Over 16,000 volunteers were engaged in FCSS-funded organizations
  • Over 750,000 volunteer hours, valued at $23 million were made possible through FCSS funding

Investing in FCSS means…

  • Young people feeling proud of who they are, with a greater connection to their school, community and peers.
  • Calgarians feeling a sense of belonging, meaning, security and control over their lives.
  • Families feeling safe and secure and know who they can count on in times of crisis.
  • Communities that are more welcoming of all cultures, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientation and income levels.

City of Calgary