Small Cabinet Shuffle Sees Trouble Continuation of Sabir

EDMONTON, AB: Former Human Services Minister Irfan Sabir should have been removed during a small Cabinet shuffle today, not rewarded for his bad behaviour, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said.

A small Cabinet shuffle at Government House saw the Human Services Ministry split into two new ministries – Community and Social Services and Childrens’ Services. After failing to supply the RCMP with a critical report into the death of four-year-old Serenity recently and misleading the Legislature after the fact, Sabir will take over the Community and Social Services role.

“While it’s positive to see the government finally addressing the dysfunction in the human services department, I’m extremely disappointed to see Mr. Sabir continuing in a Cabinet role,” Jean said. “This NDP government still isn’t listening to Albertans who clearly wanted to see this Minister removed from Cabinet entirely.”

“If we aren’t taking care of our children, our most vulnerable, we’re nowhere,” Jean said. “While I have serious doubts about Mr. Sabir’s abilities to make positive changes, I hope for nothing more than improvements to our child intervention system through the new minister and will do all I can to help in this effort.”