Small Business Week: Small but Mighty


Small Business Week CalgarySmall businesses are one of the key drivers of Alberta’s economy

When people think of Alberta, the image that often comes to mind is big oil and gas companies that employee thousands of people. But that picture doesn’t tell the whole story.

The majority of businesses in Alberta are small businesses. In fact, small business – defined as having fewer than 50 employees – account for 95 per cent of all business activity in the province and are a driving force of the economy accounting for almost 30 per cent of our GDP.

These unsung heroes of Alberta’s economy come from across all industry sectors. From construction contractors and family-run restaurants to serial entrepreneurs and marketing firms – our province’s small businesses can be found in virtually every sector. And they are making a big impact on our economy. There are about 39 small businesses in the province for every 1,000 people, far exceeding the Canadian average of 31.

Small businesses serve as grease that helps to keep Alberta’s economy running smoothly. Many larger companies depend on these businesses to support their daily operations – turning to them for specialized technical services, such as building equipment and machinery to help them grow, as well as the consulting and administrative services needed to keep things running smoothly.

Small Business Week pays tribute to the contributions that small and medium-sized business make to the Canadian economy. First established in 1979 by the Business Development Bank of Canada, Small Business week is now a nationwide celebration across cities and towns dedicated to this vital part of the economy.

Source Small Business Week – Calgary