A Slyce of the Technology Pie

Start-up technology company opens technical support hub in New Waterford

New Waterford, NS – Slyce Inc. is the creator of a state-of-the-art application that uses image recognition technology to allow consumers to identify and purchase products by simply snapping a photo of the item with a smartphone or scanning an image on their desktops. The application transforms a photo of the product into a click-to-purchase transaction automatically, changing the way leading retail brands and consumers do business via the web and mobile devices.

The company is opening a technical hub in New Waterford to support the application. The total cost of establishing the Cape Breton location is in excess of $2 million and the company is receiving a repayable contribution of $150,000 from the Government of Canada, through ACOA’s Business Development Program.

The project will create 60 jobs in Cape Breton.

Quick Facts:

  • Slyce Inc. is a privately-held company with offices in Calgary and Toronto which provides advanced imaging technology / visual search software that integrates with retail brands to allow consumers to instantly identify and purchase products by simply snapping photographs with their smartphones or ‘clicking’ images on their mobile or desktop web browsers.
  • Slyce Inc. will provide its technology to retailers, brands, app developers and digital publishers in North America, Europe and Asia: traditional retailers, brands and content creators who already have a significant mobile presence; e-Tailers who are looking to differentiate from other providers; and, third-party mobile app developers who aim to monetize their audiences via visual product search powered by Slyce.
  • Slyce Inc. is currently working with a growing list of Fortune 1000 brands and companies, as well as multiple innovative developers.


“Technology is a vital part of bringing innovation to market, and Cape Breton is earning a reputation for being the starting point for some of the region’s most cutting-edge companies. Our Government is pleased to support innovative businesses as they develop and produce the kinds of pioneering products that are at the heart of what makes Canadian firms the best in the world.” ~ The Honourable Rob Moore, Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency)

“We are incredibly excited to bring Slyce’s technical support hub to Cape Breton. We see this move as another key step towards our goal of building the next great Canadian technology company. The retail landscape is changing rapidly and we’re experiencing strong demand for this technology from a growing list of Fortune 1000 brands which recognize the significance of the service we offer – namely, enabling much of the physical world to be their showroom.” ~ Cameron Chell, Co-founder, Slyce Inc.

(Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency)