Six Per Cent Not A Vote of Confidence in Leadership Hopefuls

Tiny fraction of small business owners say their priorities are being adequately addressed by candidates in race for premier

CALGARY – The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) today released new survey results that shows only six per cent of entrepreneurs feel small business priorities have been reflected in the race to become the new provincial Progressive Conservative (PC) leader and Alberta’s next premier.

“Alberta’s entrepreneurs have been hoping for a meaningful debate about small business issues and policies during the leadership race, but clearly most of them now believe there has been precious little. Sadly, the leadership hopefuls appear to have become sidetracked by bickering about mis-use of government aircraft, the appropriateness of paid party memberships, and excessive roaming charges on cell phone bills”, says CFIB Alberta Director, Richard Truscott.

Entrepreneurs were asked: Are your small business priorities being reflected in the Alberta Progressive Conservative (PC) leadership race? Only 6 per cent said yes, 39 per cent said no, and 55 per cent said don’t know/not sure.

When asked to list the top small business priorities for Alberta’s next premier, 62 per cent of business owners surveyed said “balancing the budget”, 50 per cent identified “reducing taxes for small business”, 46 per cent pointed to “reducing government regulation and paperburden”, and 40 per cent stated “helping employers deal with labour/skills shortages”.

The web-based, controlled access CFIB member survey had 1,073 responses. Findings are statistically accurate to +/- three per cent 19 times out of 20. As a non-partisan advocacy group, CFIB is not endorsing any of the three candidates.

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