Six New Bills have Received Royal Assent

Lt.-Gov. Lois Mitchell granted royal assent to six new government bills on Wednesday Oct. 30, 2019.

The bills deal with issues ranging from creating opportunities for Indigenous Albertans, modernizing public land frameworks to protecting children and potential victims of domestic abuse.

“Government is making life better for Albertans, one piece of legislation at a time. We are thrilled to see bills aimed at protecting our most vulnerable citizens, cementing economic partnerships with Indigenous communities and ensuring Albertans receive fair value for our crown land – among others – receive royal assent today.”Jason Nixon, Government House Leader

The following bills have received royal assent:

Bill 14: Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation Act: creates a billion-dollar loan fund that will enable Indigenous groups in Alberta to invest and become full partners in the development of our shared energy resource wealth.

Bill 15: Real Estate Amendment Act, 2019: this bill responds to the failure of the Real Estate Council of Alberta to provide effective oversight of the real estate industry by replacing the current members of council with an interim administrator who will uphold the vital governance functions of the council and restore Albertans’ trust in the real estate regulator.

Bill 16: Public Lands Modernization (Grazing Leases and Obsolete Provisions) Amendment Act, 2019: this bill will modernize the grazing fee framework so that it’s transparent and fair for ranchers while ensuring that Alberta is receiving market value for its public land resources.

Bill 17: Disclosure to Protect Against Domestic Violence (Clare’s Law) Act: this bill will ensure that Albertans at risk of domestic violence will have both a right to ask and a right to know about an intimate partner’s history of domestic violence or related acts.

Bill 18: Electricity Statutes (Capacity Market Termination) Amendment Act, 2019: this bill reverses the previous government’s plan to move to a capacity market for electricity and restores the energy-only market, which for more than 20 years has provided Albertans with a reliable and affordable supply of electricity.

Bill 202: Child, Youth and Family Enhancement (Protecting Alberta’s Children) Amendment Act, 2019: this bill, named Serenity’s Law to honour an Alberta child who was murdered while in kinship care, strengthens legal incentives for witnesses of child abuse to alert police and child welfare authorities.