Six Lessons We’re Building on in 2019

Green Building Technologies (GBT) at SAIT is always looking to the future when it comes to building healthy, hardworking homes and offices. While our eyes are firmly on the horizon, it pays to glance back and see where we’ve been. Here are six lessons we’re taking further in 2019.

Cold climate testing makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

When temperatures plummet, the GBT cold climate mechanical testing lab kicks into high gear. We provide companies with performance data for residential and commercial heating, cooling, heat pump and combined heat and power technologies. Managing temperature at home or at work increases comfort, productivity and savings.

Buildings keep getting smarter.

At GBT, we’re happy lab rats when it comes to testing new systems. Consumers are showing significant interest in combined, complimentary electrical system technologies, including wireless, smart enabled lighting, occupancy thermostats, appliances, renewable generation and electric vehicle charging and storage. We’re proud to offer testing, database and application solutions for new energy management and smart building dashboards system to industry.

Utility-scale solar, for your building, campus or community.

With over 2,300 hours of sunshine in the Calgary area, and a possible 30% subsidy to install solar electric modules on your home, business or community centre, it’s no wonder Alberta is seeing widespread adoption of renewable energy. Our lifecycle testing for the GP Joule Phlegon Solar Tracker exceeded 30-year expectations and appears to be the most cost-effective tracking system for our market.

Efficient, zero maintenance technology soon coming to a home near you.

GBT evaluated Drain Water Heat Recovery systems in a few multi-family homes. Designed to preheat cold city water with hot drain water from showers and sinks, this hidden technology provides valuable efficiency for electrically heated, hot water supply. Offering savings from 20-40% of a typical home’s water heater energy consumption, this easy-to-install technology will see widespread adoption in 2019.

We really like shedding light on the future of net-zero energy technologies.

Calgarians have a lot of interest in sustainable, energy efficient and passive house/net-zero energy buildings and technologies. We proudly hosted more than 1,800 people in SAIT’s Green Building Technologies Lab and Demonstration Centre in 2018 and look forward to more people joining us this year. Sign up for one of our monthly evening tours or our seminar series.

Students and faculty want to see more sustainability at SAIT.

We’re proud to lead SAIT’s new Office of Sustainability in conjunction with SAIT Facility Management. After our first year conducting a gap analysis on campus, we’re excited to see increased activities this year including SAIT’s sustainable steering committee and student engagement challenge, onsite energy efficiency retrofits and innovative adoption of clean technology research and construction projects on campus.

Source: SAIT