Simplifying New Single & Semi-Detached Home Inspections

Calgary – Industry customers building a new single or semi-detached home in Calgary will now enjoy improved inspection and approval services, thanks to process and software enhancements at The City of Calgary.

The City’s software system now coordinates and schedules appointments and inspectors behind the scenes for our customers, for both the Development Permit and Building Permit. This enhancement eliminates the need for individual inspection requests by customers, simplifying the process and saving them time.

“Going forward a single call to 311 or online request using VISTA now pre-books all required inspections, during each phase of construction, for new single and semi-detached home projects, which may include a Development Permit as part of the construction project.”, notes Marco Civitarese, Chief Building Official and Manager of Permit and Inspections. “In addition, customers will be able to obtain the results of all their inspections on the same day their appointment is scheduled,” says Civitarese.

The City is now coordinating Development Inspectors and Safety Codes Officers to visit a property on the same day, meaning customers have their inspection results almost immediately. Thanks to tablet technology it only takes seconds to obtain results, which in the past could take days because of paper file transfers. Customers now can make any necessary corrections to their project more quickly, and avoid further delays in eventual home occupancy approval.

These inspection enhancements are just the first step in improving the overall process for industry customers. In the future, customers will be able to book inspections using Residential ePermit, The City’s new online permitting application tool, creating a one-stop-shop for applying for permits and booking inspections. These changes will result in a single notification from The City when a home is approved for occupancy.

These improvements are part of The City’s Planning, Development and Assessments eServices portfolio, which aims to make it faster and easier for customers to do business with The City.