Sikome Lake is Open for the Summer

fish-creek-pp-sikome-aquatic-facilityWhen swimmers visit Sikome Lake they will notice some changes designed to make their experience safer and more enjoyable.

A number of public safety improvements have been made based on recommendations from a report, following a drowning last August. While investigators found the incident was handled within established standard operating procedures, the report makes several recommendations for enhancing existing public safety measures at the facility.

The improved safety measures include additional information resources on drowning prevention, enhanced protocols for staff communications, and better monitoring of the Sikome south parking lot access when the facility is only partially open to the public.

In addition to new safety measures, the lake’s north showers and change rooms have been upgraded with new fixtures, accessible showers and other renovations. The main aquatic staff facility has also been renovated.

The Government of Alberta invested more than $150,000 in the facility and safety upgrades.