Showing our Forest Sector Some Love

The government is endorsing an awareness campaign celebrating the sustainability of our forests and the importance of the forest sector.

The Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) has launched their Love Alberta Forests campaign to highlight the critical relationship between Albertans and our forests: celebrating everything our forests do for us and the care we take to manage them in return.

“It’s time to set the record straight. Albertans should feel pride in knowing their forests are maintained with world-class forest-management practices. The Alberta government is fighting for our forestry industry and the 40,000 hard-working Albertans it employs by endorsing the AFPA in their efforts to share the healthy, environmentally sustainable work that Alberta foresters do every day.”Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

“Forests are Alberta’s best kept secret. They are an integral part of our environment, culture and economy. We have some of the best managed forests in the world – bar none. LoveABForests is about getting the message out about our forests and talking about the role that forest companies play in keeping Alberta’s forests sustainable for generations to come.”Paul Whittaker, president & CEO, Alberta Forest Products Association

The campaign, which officially launched last week at the Alberta Forest Products Association’s annual general meeting, ties into the government’s promise to fight for the province’s resource sectors.

Quick facts

  • About 60 per cent of Alberta is forested (~38 million hectares).
  • Forestry is Alberta’s third largest resource industry.
  • In 2018, the forest sector directly supported 946 small businesses and 58 medium/large businesses, which employed 40,000 Albertans.
  • More than 70 Alberta communities rely directly or indirectly on the forest sector.
  • Before a single tree is cut down in Alberta, forest companies develop a 200-year plan for the site’s restoration.
  • For every tree that is harvested in Alberta, two trees are planted. That means more than 83 million trees were planted in 2018.

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