Shooting Activity in Priddis Area and M.D. Fire Ban Reminder

“On Thursday, August 11th at 4 p.m. in the Priddis area, I was working near my barn when I heard several shots from what sounded like a rifle at close range. Horses in two nearby pastures were reacting to the shots and were looking in the direction from where these shots seemed to come. One bullet was so close that I heard its whizzing sound as it passed by me. After a few phone calls with neighbors who were also alarmed, I drove the local roads looking for evidence of the origin of the shots. Several other neighbors were out doing the same thing. More shots were heard and the RCMP were notified. A day later we discovered one of the bullets laying on the drive pad around the barn.  I have since talked to experts who believe that the bullet is a 35 from a 338 rifle. It is definitely a Hollow Point Boat Tail -full metal jacket.

“We have wildlife on our property on a regular basis. Some people think they have freedom to shoot ‘at will’ at this wildlife. The fact is ‘No Trespassing’ applies. These shots came from private property onto other private property.

“A week later at 8:15 on a Saturday morning, I counted sixteen more rifle shots within 25 minutes. Again, RCMP were called and neighbors were engaged.

“After an investigation, the RCMP informed me that they believe the bullet on my property may have come from a shooting range east of us, although the original theory is more likely due to distances and terrain. Regardless, there is an issue of safety.

“Some people have shooting ranges on their property for target practice. Anyone who is using or providing these facilities for others should be aware of the possible dangers and consequences. Livestock is everywhere in our neighborhood. People walk their dogs and others ride horses. Families go for walks and some push baby strollers.”

Our HCRCWA note:

After doing research, we learned that Shooting Ranges are ‘permitted’ under Federal jurisdiction ( There are no additional rules for having a private Shooting Range in the MD of Foothills unless it is a business, which would give the municipality some jurisdiction over the business operations. For life threatening fire-arms complaints, call 911. For non-urgent complaints you can call this RCMP number 9am-5pm and be referred to the provincial Chief Fire Arms Officer: 1-800-731-4000 (

Two other matters of importance:

The Fire Ban is still on. Our fields and woods are very dry and the smallest spark could set them off to do real damage, as we are now seeing in British Columbia. Please be very careful that no accidents occur here. For further information, locate to our M.D. of Foothills website at this address:

John Robin Allen

Membership Coordinator

High Country Rural Crime Watch Association