Shift in Curriculum Development to Benefit Students

Alberta Education is shifting curriculum development timelines to include Grade 9 earlier in the development process.

This shift better supports junior high schools during the implementation of future curriculum.

In June 2016, Alberta Education began the development of future curriculum, simultaneously in English and French, in language arts (English, French, Français), mathematics, social studies, sciences, arts and wellness.

The original timeline divided the development of middle years and junior high curriculum into Grades 5-8 followed by Grades 9-12. The new timeline adds Grade 9 curriculum development to Grades 5-8.

“Our stakeholders asked us to consider this shift so we would have a more cohesive approach to the development and implementation of our middle years and junior high curriculum. Accelerating these timelines means we will have our Grade 9 curriculum nailed down earlier which provides benefits in the classroom sooner to help students prepare for the transition to high school.”

~David Eggen, Minister of Education

The shift in curriculum timelines allows curriculum working groups to begin developing Grades 5–9 curriculum in November 2018.

Quick facts

  • Over 840 schools in Alberta offer Grades 7–9 programming. Twenty-two schools offer Grades 5–8 programming. The shift in curriculum development timelines allows easier implementation of future curriculum at the junior high level.
  • Curriculum development work remains a six-year project with Grade 12 development being completed in December 2022.
  • Implementation timelines have yet to be established. Current curriculum remains in effect until implementation timelines have been developed.