Sheriffs Shut Down Another Calgary Drug House

The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit has obtained a court order that bans tenants from a Calgary drug house and forces the owner to put it up for sale.
Calgary drug house gets boarded up
Calgary drug house gets boarded up

SCAN investigators from the Alberta Sheriffs Branch obtained a Community Safety Order (CSO) against the owner of 71 Coventry Rd. N.E. The court order gives them the authority to close the property for 45 days by boarding up the house, changing the locks and erecting a fence around it.

While those measures have been commonly used in prior CSOs, this order is exceptional because the property owner consented to a condition that she must list the house for sale.

The property has been a source of long-term problems in the neighbourhood, with regular drug activity and violent incidents spanning more than two years. Police have responded to the house more than 100 times – including an incident where a man who was beaten, robbed and held captive in the basement escaped into the street.

“We know the work of SCAN investigators plays a vital role in the safety of Albertans, and I commend the important work done on this case. We want all Albertans to live in safe and resilient communities.”

Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General


“We have been able to achieve an outcome that addresses both the short- and long-term problems associated with this property. The closure immediately breaks the cycle of criminal activity taking place and the eventual sale will keep it from coming back.”

Insp. Mike Letourneau, SCAN


The owner will be allowed to live in the house after the 45-day closure period, but is banned from renting to any tenants for one year and must list it for sale within 30 days of regaining possession.

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