Sheep River Library Program Welcomes Newcomers

Sheep River Library, Turner Valley, Dec. 2014: Newcomers to Turner Valley, Black Diamond, and the surrounding Diamond Valley community will soon have a new way of connecting with each other and meeting their neighbours. Thanks to a new program offered by the Sheep River Library, newcomers are invited to explore their interests and hobbies with other like-minded residents, both new and old.

“We are defining the word newcomer pretty loosely,” says Betty Holthe, the chairperson of the steering committee. “Whether you have been here for two months or 20 years, you are welcome to use the Diamond Valley Newcomers network to meet old and new neighbours.”

The first of three 2015 Newcomers meetings will take place at the library on Friday, Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. All are welcome; there is no charge. “We have two guest speakers booked,” explains Holthe. “Linda Nelson will describe community groups, charities and volunteer opportunities in our two towns. And Bev Grier from the Diamond Valley Chamber of Commerce will give a little overview about local businesses.”

One key component of the Jan. 23 gathering is to help newcomers find groups of like-minded people. “The steering committee is new to planning something like this ourselves,” says committee member and library board chairperson Diane Osberg. “We have identified activities like dinner clubs, day tripping, card game clubs, language groups and wine tasting clubs. But if folks tell us that night that they want to go rock climbing or start a music appreciation club, we will help to make that happen.”

The Diamond Valley Newcomers won’t replace or compete with all the other groups and clubs that currently thrive in the area. But it will start new groups as needed, and help direct new residents to clubs like the Sheep River Arts Council, the Ramblers and book clubs that already exist.

Who should attend the first Newcomers meeting? Parents, seniors, singles, couples, renters, rural and town residents, new homeowners and anyone interested, says Osberg. Longview and Millarville residents are also welcome. She emphasizes that people aren’t committing to anything, no-one is going to be recruited for committee jobs, and the whole tone of the evening will be one of hospitality, welcome and information sharing.
For more details, call the Sheep River Library at (403) 933-3278 or email