Seniors’ Beds Promise Lacks Credibility: Forsyth

Seniors’ Beds Promise Lacks Credibility: Forsyth


EDMONTON, AB – The PC government is giving Alberta seniors false hope after it promised hundreds of new seniors’ beds, without admitting where they would go or how they would be funded, Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth said (yesterday).

Health Minister Stephen Mandel recently promised to create 311 seniors beds by the end of 2015, but officials with AHS were unable to provide details on a timeline for when or where these beds will be built. The announcement is part of a series of politicized new spending announcements and re-announcements being trumped up by the PC government, ahead of an expected Spring election.

Forsyth said she was concerned by the fact the PC government would play politics with seniors’ care when hospital beds are packed with seniors who need long term care, surgeries are being cancelled and ER wait times are sky rocketing.

“The PC government did it with new schools and now they’re doing it with seniors’ beds. They’re promising this critical infrastructure with no details whatsoever, suggesting this is just another promise they have no plan on keeping,” Forsyth said. “This is just another clear case of this government campaigning with Albertans’ money and Albertans are tired of it.”

Forsyth compared this case of political opportunism to when the PC government promised to deliver 50 new schools ahead of the last election, only to successfully follow through on one.

“The government can’t keep making announcement and then re-making those same announcements without providing any details. This issue is too important,” Forsyth said. “Minister Mandel needs to immediately say when and how these beds will be created, so Albertans can trust this government is treating our seniors with the dignity and respect they deserve.”