Senator Black to Sponsor Bill C-21 (Red Tape Reduction Act) in Senate

OTTAWA – Alberta’s Elected Senator Doug Black is proud to be sponsoring Bill C-21, the Red Tape Reduction Act, in the Senate to reduce the administrative burdens that businesses face. Senator Black will be opening the debate on the bill at its second reading in the Senate this afternoon. The bill aims to legislate rules for federal departments and agencies with regards to the administrative burdens they can impose on businesses while ensuring the safety of Canadians. It is the most ambitious initiative of its kind in the world.

The cornerstone of the bill is the One-for-One Rule, which mandates that for every regulation imposed on a business, one must be removed. Departments and agencies must also offset the cost of any administrative burden incurred as a result of new regulations by an equal amount. The implementation of this rule reduced administrative burden by over $22 million and saved businesses over 290,000 hours within its first two years. “

I am proud to be supporting business in our country through this bill,” Senator Black said. “By allowing our businesses to use their time and resources more effectively, we will inevitably increase innovation, productivity, job creation, and international investments. It is important for business owners, for our economy, and for all Canadians. We all benefit when the country is able to maintain a competitive edge in business, and I hope my fellow Senators will agree.”

As of January 2014, 19 regulations have been removed. Other proposed regulatory changes include implementing a “small business lens” to consider the impact that regulatory changes have on small businesses and requiring departments and agencies to outline proposed future regulatory changes.

Reducing the red tape is an important step in ensuring Canada’s prosperity, and Canadian businesses have made it clear that this is what they need.