Seasonal Pest Management Measures to Begin this Month in High River

HIGH RIVER, AB: The Town’s Parks Department will have crews out in the community this month to complete regular pest management procedures to remove weeds and insects from trees and green spaces.

The Parks Department uses an integrated pest management approach that includes hand-pulling, mowing, high-pressure water spraying, pruning and, as a last resort, applying a broadleaf pesticide where applicable.

“Crews and or contractors spray very few pesticides in town but will, on occasion, utilize these products as a tool in our toolkit,” says Tannas Webb, parks supervisor with the Town.  “These are only applied by licensed individuals at label rates, during appropriate environmental conditions and in proper locations.”

Signs will be posted in the work areas a minimum of 48 hours in advance and will remain after all applications for a minimum of 24 hours.  Examples of activities can include insect control on trees, Richardson ground squirrel control in specified areas and weed control as required.

Spraying typically will occur in the early hours of the morning. Please keep vehicles clear of these zones and allow crews to do their work.

Responsible pest management is important in insuring that the Town of High River is not contributing to invasive weed and pest species. For inquiries on Trees please call 403-603-3503 and green spaces/turf please call 403-603-3509.