Seasonal Factors Affecting Electricity Prices

Regulated Rate Option rates will increase over the summer.

The Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) is advising customers who purchase electricity through the Regulated Rate Option (RRO) that they will see an increase in their bills this summer.

While regulated-rate prices have been at record lows, the UCA wants Albertans to know that the RRO has increased from an average of almost four cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in June to an average of more than seven cents per kWh in July. This will result in an average increase of about $21 on a typical residential electricity bill issued in July.

That rate is expected to continue for the summer months, and possibly into September. Prices normally increase this time of year due to high demand from the use of air conditioners and generator maintenance outages at power plants.

July’s RRO rate follows a period of historic low rates and is still below the long-term average.


  • Average for the year: 8.72 cents/kWh
  • July 2013 price: 10.96 cents/kWh


  • Average for the year: 7.49 cents/kWh
  • July 2014 price: 7.44 cents/kWh


  • Year to date average (2015): 5.41 cents/kWh
  • June 2015 average: 3.9 cents/kWh
  • July 2015 average: 7.66 cents/kWh

Consumer Tips – Choosing the best option

If you are concerned about this temporary rate increase, you can call the UCA at 310-4UCA (310-4822) toll-free from anywhere in Alberta to get more information.

Staff there can help you understand your bill and what you can expect in the coming weeks. They can also provide objective information on the different types of contracts and services that are available in your area.

For example, customers who prefer price stability for their electricity may choose to enter into a contract for a fixed price with a competitive retailer or ask their regulated rate provider for an equalized billing plan.

Four companies in Alberta offer the Regulated Rate Option (RRO) – Direct Energy, Enmax, Fortis Alberta, and EPCOR, as well as some Rural Electrification Associations and municipal providers. There are also more than 25 competitive retailers in Alberta offering various options.

Here’s a closer look at how the RRO increase will affect a typical residential customer:

RRO provider

June 2015 Bill 
(based on 600 kWh of consumption)

July 2015 Bill
(based on 600 kWh of consumption)



Calgary (ENMAX)





Edmonton (EPCOR)





Fortis (contracted to EPCOR)













Source Service Alberta