Seabin Project: Cleaning the World’s Water

About the Seabin Project

It all started from a passion for the oceans and the hard realisation that human over-consumption and waste mismanagement was killing our oceans. This is how, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, two avid water lovers created the “Seabin” that would collect trash, oil, fuel and detergents.

A boat builder and sailor by trade, Turtle spent years sailing and travelling around the world and it all stemmed from a simple thought of “If we can have rubbish bins on land then why not have them in the water” and then the journey began from there.


In 2013 Turtle teamed up with fellow boat builder Pete Ceglinski and the two launched the Australian company Seabin Pty Ltd in 2015. Pete, CEO and Co-Founder, has a background in product design but switched to boat building after becoming disillusioned by being restricted to a desk designing plastic products with short life spans.

An upbringing of surfing, swimming, fishing and diving in Australia, combined with design and “hands on” experience, has given Pete the life skills and respect for the ocean that reflects in the Seabin Projects vision and direction. These values cement a strong working partnership with all stakeholders involved.

In 2014, Pete quit his job and used his life savings to lease and renovate an old disused furniture restoration factory in Palma Mallorca, Spain. Setting up the factory and project brought about many challenges that Pete was quick to overcome.

From learning how to weld on YouTube, re-wiring the factory lights and outlets or how to operate a 60 year old sewing machine and sew catch bags for the Seabins was an enjoyable learning curve with benefit for the project. Using common sense and initiative, Pete and the team have developed the Seabin Project to what is is today by understanding their strengths and weaknesses and also to promote the project in a positive and inspirational way.

We have found through trial and error that by making people feel good about themselves is the best way to make a positive impact.

Ports Toronto:
A first in Canada, 3 Seabins were installed in strategic areas of the marina where they run 24/7, collecting debris as small as 2mm & hydrocarbons (fuel/oil) that can spill into waterways.

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