Scrap Bill C-69: ‘No More Pipelines’ Law Needs to be Pulled Entirely, Not Just Amended

CALGARY, AB: Sonya Savage, as United Conservative candidate in Calgary-North West, has issued the following statement on federal Bill C-69, the Trudeau Liberal government’s “No More Pipelines” law:

“Bill C-69 is deeply problematic legislation that endangers jobs and the future of Alberta’s energy industry. This legislation needs to be scrapped entirely and sent back to the drawing board – not just amended.

“Making amendments, such as those proposed belatedly by Alberta’s NDP government in Ottawa today, are not enough to solve the problems contained in this Liberal legislation.

“Even with those amendments, there remain areas for political interference, still leaving a process so uncertain and unpredictable that very few project proponents will be willing to take the risk of a new project.

“Alberta’s NDP government should have engaged in this process much sooner, instead of last-minute pre-election posturing.

“Just last spring, the NDP’s Deputy Premier mocked United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney when he asked why the NDP government wasn’t making the case against Bill C-69 in Ottawa.

“When C-69 was first proposed last year, Jason Kenney called it the ‘worst possible news’ and spoke out on day one while Alberta’s NDP remained silent.

“If Alberta’s NDP was serious about changes, they would have been pushing for them when the bill was before the House of Commons  – instead, they let it pass through several stages without a word of objection.

“Alberta needs a government willing to clearly and consistently stand up for energy jobs and the families that depend on them because it’s the right thing to do – not just because it’s election season.”