School Enrolment Pressures Eased in Lethbridge

Budget 2018 will ensure the completion of a new elementary school in south Lethbridge to accommodate the growing student population. The project was approved for design last spring.

Premier Notley visits Lakeview Elementary to announce a new elementary school for south Lethbridge.


Lethbridge is one of a number of growing urban centres that have faced increasing student enrolment in the past several years. The new school will help address these growth issues, while providing modern, flexible learning spaces for students.

“We are following through on our promise to ensure Lethbridge has the space needed for the growing number of students in the city. After a successful design process this past year, we are proud to push this school project forward into construction.”

~Rachel Notley, Premier

Designers have been hard at work this past year coordinating with city officials, developers and the Lethbridge School District to ensure that the new school will be ready for construction. The City of Lethbridge has contributed to the project to increase the size of the gymnasium, and is working with developers to ensure that all necessary utilities and roads are already connected to the edge of the intended school site.

“We are appreciative of the government for keeping its promises in terms of investing in education in our province. Our new southside school will provide tremendous educational opportunities for the children of Lethbridge for many years to come.”

~Clark Bosch, board chair, Lethbridge School District No.51

This new school is part of Alberta’s 2018 Capital Plan, which ensures that Alberta will continue to invest in the infrastructure needed by families, including 20 new and modernized school projects. Investing in schools, hospitals and roads will help the province move forward with economic recovery.

The new south Lethbridge school has been designed as a mirror image of the recently opened Coalbanks Elementary, which is on the west end of Lethbridge. The new school will have space for approximately 600 students.