Saying Goodbye….and Thank You!

By Tracey Walshaw, Admin

I have to say the Gazette has given me an amazing experience! But more than that I was welcomed into a family and made lifelong friends.

When I first started Lynne told me no two days are the same and it would never be boring and boy, was she right! I learned more in my years at the Gateway Gazette than anywhere else!

We had lots of laughs and some tears, too.

Where else can you work where arriving in the driveway you are greeted by a mini-horse and a goat? The view was distracting too…..the beautiful mountains and often a herd of galloping horses would fly past the windows! We always had dogs in our office and sometimes cats and kids too (all family)! My commute took me through the country where the only traffic jam was when the ranchers moved their cattle from one field to the next or the occasional deer or moose crossing.

I will always look back on these years fondly and I thank Tanya and Pam for the incredible experience!!

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