Saving Ms. Christa

Saving Ms. Christa

The trials of life we all may face in our lives as tragedy strikes without warning and how quickly it spins out of control in the event of sickness or injury overwhelms us.

Christa purchased a home in Okotoks 2012 believing this to be her heaven on earth that turned into a nightmare. Shortly after Christa’s became sick. She was in and out of hospital, having respiratory problems, having to rely on oxygen 24/7, only to be struck again with a tragic fire in November 2015. During the clean up there was the  discovery of black mold hidden and growing within the walls. It was so extensive it was deemed uninhabitable and it was decided the home must  be demolished. Still waiting to tear down the house, she’s been staying in the shop on the property, with limited amenities along with being struck again with the news that she needs a lung transplant and has to go to Edmonton to the U of A Hospital, the closest facility that provides the services she needs.

Unable to generate an income, no home but with a mortgage outstanding, medical and other bills to pay is causing huge debt and stress.

She has no siblings or family that can provide for the family or the financial support she needs. The transplant will require accommodation for the post surgical procedures, held in Edmonton, and after care up to 3 months for rehabilitation and recovery before going back home, if she has a home. She will also need a 24 hour caregiver, travel to and from hospitals, clinics, medication, meals; these costs among others are very costly and NOT covered by insurance or Medicare.

Trying to cope each day has her mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted, from 120lb to 95lb,  with each day getting worse trying to breathe. Christa prays her prayers will be answered.

I’m asking for financial aid in any amount that may help and give her hope and pray in her time of need that friends and Samaritans come together to help her to raise money to restore her health and life to recovery. GoFundMe page: