How to Save on Holiday Shopping

How to Save on Holiday Shopping

Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday crowds and line-ups — these pro tips will help you save big all season long.

Shop on Tuesday. Some research shows that online retailers usually offer the best deals on Tuesdays, so load up your shopping cart over the weekend and wait to check out and pay a couple of days later.

De-stress. Did you know that stress can actually make you spend more money? Take steps to avoid hitting the mall or browsing online shops when you’re anxious or overwhelmed. Try listening to soothing music on your headphones, doing some deep breathing exercises or waiting until after your gym or yoga class to make your purchases.

Use your rewards points. Earn rewards points for yourself while you shop for others, or spend your points to knock some gifts off your list. For example, the new Marriott Rewards More program lets members earn and redeem points for purchases from major retailers like Apple, Roots Canada and Lego. You can even use rewards points or a combination of cash and points directly on the sites. The convenient tool bar visible on the app and the desktop browser, link with each member’s account to display the number of points and cash equivalent needed.

Grab a buddy. Many in-store sales require that you spend more to save more — for example, buy two get one free or buy four get three free. Instead of buying so much stuff you won’t be able to use it all, go with a friend to split the deal. They’ll also keep you in check if you stray from your list for an impulse buy.

Max out discounts. Some great ways to get the lowest prices include price matching, using a mobile app that compares prices and checking websites and mobile apps for special coupons. Another great trick is to compare in-store sales and prices with online — they’re often different and can help you shave some serious dollars from the purchase price.

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