Saskiw calls for Stronger Extradition Policy to Keep Sex Offenders like Stanley Behind Bars


EDMONTON, AB – Following news convicted Alberta sex offender Michael Stanley was arrested for raping a 69-year-old Seattle lady, Wildrose Justice Critic Shayne Saskiw called on Justice Minister Jonathan Denis to immediately expand and strengthen the government’s extradition policy today.

The new policy would ensure those who have committed heinous crimes and break their parole conditions are put behind bars.

Stanley, marked as a high-risk sex offender, cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet in 2013. The Justice department said his charges, “do not typically warrant engaging the extradition process.”

In 2013, Saskiw asked the Minister of Justice why he did not work harder to put convicted sex offender Michael Stanley behind bars.

“We have a moral obligation to ensure we keep high-risk offenders off the streets and behind bars to keep people safe,” Saskiw said. “The Minister should not have let this piece of scum run free and had the power to stop him.”

According to the King County Sheriff’s office, Stanley is being held on $1 million dollars bail. He goes to Court next week. It has been reported that Stanley has been in and out of jail since the Minister let him free – including an arrest where he had to be subdued with a taser at a nursing home.

“There must be consequences against those who break our laws, and this new extradition policy would be step one in creating safer communities and upholding our moral obligations to neighbouring jurisdictions,” Saskiw said. “Mr. Denis should let Albertans know whether or not he thought it was the right decision to let Stanley roam freely, or if he will commit today to adopting our policy.”