Samantha Scott Proves $5 Can Make A Difference


Sammy ScottIn 2010, Samantha Scott, a current Grade 6 student at Millarville Community School, encouraged her peers to ask Santa or their parents, along with their regular Christmas list, for just $5 for one of her chosen Charities.

For the last 3 years, Samantha, the students of Millarville Community School and friends have raised over $500 for these causes, bringing her dream of helping local charities to fruition. The idea has grown and expanded over the years and children are organizing bake sales, doing extra chores, etc. to raise additional money.

Her vision was to take this further, into other schools and communities and share this idea of simple giving.

This year, with the help of Sandra Wiebe, they have been successful in creating a website for the cause, on which you are able to donate online to these worthy causes. So far Sammy and her friends have donated to the Oilfields Food Bank, the Calgary Humane Society and the Alberta Children’s Hospital. There are photographs on their website of the cheques being presented to these organizations.

Please click this link to see take a look at them and also to donate:

Samantha named the Christmas Campaign “Light-A-Candle”, but it has been renamed to “Give ‘Em Five”, to show that just $5 can make a big difference!

They would love for you to ‘Like’ their Facebook page Give ‘Em Five to show your support.

Tonight there is a bake sale at Millarville Community School to help this campaign starting at 6:30pm.