Saluting Millarville Racing and Agriculture Society Life Members

by Lorretta Stabler, MRAS Historical Committee

The Millarville Racing and Agricultural Society (MRAS) has a rich tradition of celebrating volunteers whose longstanding personal commitment is recognized by awarding a Life Member card. Going through records in the Historical archives and interviewing long-time residents, this practice of honoring Life Members first began with the Priddis and Millarville Fair Committee. 1958 (one year after the fair celebrated its 50th year) marked the first appearance of the Life Member’s award. The 1958 Fair book showcased 10 members, honouring them as life members for their contributions to the association. The name, Millarville Racing and Agricultural Society, was changed in the 1970’s to due to the amalgamation of the Race Association, The Agricultural Society and Priddis & Millarville Fair. In subsequent years, founders & life members of the Priddis & Millarville Fair were published in the yearly fair book.

MRAS believes it is very important to honor the significant and critical contribution of volunteers who support and sustain the various agricultural events held every year. Every fall, an Appreciation Evening salutes our volunteers who have donated their: time, leadership, and support to our MRAS events. Without these volunteers, some of the most significant events in our community would not be able to run. Life Members may be honored at the Appreciation Evening as well. While the criteria for nominating Life Members has evolved, the tradition of honoring community efforts and contributions of MRAS members has been maintained. Long standing volunteers may be nominated for Life Membership using the following criteria.

Criteria and Points System Used to Select Volunteer Life Members Of MRAS The following criteria would apply to those persons nominated for Life Membership:

  •  a written nomination submitted to the MRAS Historical Committee by August 31st of the current year
  •  a member of MRAS for a cumulative total of 5 years
  •  any meritorious person at the discretion of the Historical Committee and Board
  •  65 years of age
  •  total of 50 points

President of Main Board ~ 5 points
Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary ~ 5 points
Board Member/Event Chairperson ~ 4 points
Board members volunteering on sub-committees ~ 1 point/sub committee
Event Chairperson Secretary/Treasurer ~ 3 points
Event Section Manager ~ 2 points
Volunteer per MRAS activity ~ 1 point

Source: MRAS