SAIT’s New Brand Revealed

SAIT’s New Brand Revealed

The new brand has been revealed and now that everyone has seen it, we’re very excited to talk about it.

Carol Rogalski, SAIT’s Director of Marketing, says our new brand identity is a clear reflection of the institution we have become since our last rebrand in 1998.

“This logo is a more authentic representation of SAIT today and of the value that action-based learning brings to our students and industry partners,” says Carol Rogalski, Director of Marketing. “It captures our creativity, leadership and global collaborations.”

Rogalski’s endorsement of the brand has a lot of research backing it up — more than 4,000 people contributed their input throughout the development process, which started in May 2015. Surveys, focus groups and regular testing guided every decision leading to SAIT’s next chapter.

Our brand story

While the logo may appear to be the most significant change to our brand, it emerged from a new and powerful brand story that sits at the centre of SAIT’s new identity — it embodies what SAIT means to our community and will guide our institution into its second century.

Looking at the logo

The SAIT logoOnce the brand story was rigorously tested and approved in late 2015, it was time to begin work on the creative — the logo.

The emblem in the SAIT logo is called the Catalyst — an activator of change. SAIT’s symbol is forged by five s-shaped connectors representing the people and relationships that define us:

  • students
  • faculty and staff
  • alumni
  • employers and partners
  • the diverse communities we serve

As the connectors weave together, they create a series of interlocking infinity symbols reflecting the breadth of our offerings and the infinite opportunities SAIT enables.

The star located at the heart of our Catalyst expresses our passion for excellence, as professionals and as a community.

SAIT’s international outlook and global collaborations are echoed in the spherical shape of our symbol.

SAIT a small “p” polytechnic

While extensive research helped shape SAIT’s new brand story and visual identity, it also revealed that our name was more than a little confusing — even to those who feel they know us.

There’s no question SAIT remains a polytechnic — offering a wide variety of educational options in trades, technical and professional fields — and also a proud member of Polytechnics Canada.

With the new brand we are returning to our full name and dropping Polytechnic. In stories, letters, emails and other official communication you’ll find our full name spelled out the first time we use it: The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

After that, consider us friends. Call us SAIT.

A slow sayonara to the swooping “S”

SAIT logo from 1998 to 2016It’s the end of the road for SAIT’s previous brand — it helped Alberta define the value of a polytechnic education and it carried us through 18 years of tremendous growth.

If you’re already feeling nostalgic for SAIT’s old look, not to worry — it’s going to take up to two years to make a full transition.

“Even if we had the resources to change everything overnight, it would be irresponsible to do it that quickly,” says Rogalski.

By taking transition slowly, SAIT will be able to manage costs as well as waste — all materials bearing SAIT’s former identity will be carefully recycled.

The big reveal

The employee reveal event on Tuesday, April 5 was packed — 800 of SAIT’s faculty and staff members gathered to be among the first to know the look of SAIT’s future.

Check out the photos here.