SAIT is Rebranding

SAIT logoCalgary, AB — Work to redefine the SAIT brand is currently underway and a new brand will launch by fall 2016.

SAIT’s impressive rate of growth and transformation over the last 15 years has made it a global leader in applied education — but the brand used to define the relationship SAIT has with students, employees, alumni, and local and global communities has remained unchanged since 1998.

Carol Rogalski, Director of Marketing, says expectations of post-secondaries are evolving, and SAIT continuously modifies delivery and offerings to stay relevant and competitive — SAIT has kept up, and it’s only gotten better.

“We’ve moved the needle on who we are,” says Rogalski. “Our brand needs to convey our leadership in the post-secondary sector and our leadership in applied learning.”

In just five years, SAIT’s physical infrastructure has changed dramatically, and program offerings have been steadily expanding. Each year sees more and more students crossing campus to get to class — and crossing the convocation stage to collect their SAIT credentials. SAIT has momentum.

“A great way to continue that momentum is to ensure we define ourselves concisely and consistently,” says Rogalski. “If we didn’t take advantage of this moment, we would run the risk of not effectively communicating our strengths and our culture and the incredible offerings we have right now. This is an opportunity to connect with people and tell them who we’ve become — who we’re becoming.”

SAIT partnered with brand-development agency Trajectory for the major project, which will help the SAIT Polytechnic brand more correctly reflect the education it delivers.

About SAIT Polytechnic

SAIT Polytechnic is one of Canada’s most exciting destinations for post-secondary education, offering more than 100 career programs and over 1,400 part-time courses (including online and distance) that position people for success in technology, trades and business. A leader in innovation, SAIT also collaborates with industry on applied research and delivers corporate training worldwide. SAIT has been recognized as being one of Alberta’s Top Employers, one of the top five research colleges in Canada and the Best Alberta Workplace for Training and Development.