Safety and Health Week: Minister Copping

Safety and Health Week

Minister of Labour and Immigration Jason Copping issued the following statement on North American Occupational Safety and Health Week:

“May 3-9 marks North American Occupational Safety and Health Week.

“I encourage Albertans to focus on ways to prevent injury and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community.

“This year, we need to take preventative measures in our workplaces and communities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to thank and honour all workers who are helping provide services to Albertans during this challenging time. Our government appreciates the dedication of these workers and we are grateful for all their hard work during these unprecedented times.

“In 2019, 165 Albertans either didn’t make it home from work or succumbed to workplace illnesses or injuries. Another 50,000 Albertans were injured on the job. My thoughts are with all Albertans and their families whose lives have been altered by a workplace injury, illness or death.

“This week reminds us that employers, workers and government all have responsibilities to create healthy and safe workplaces and communities. We are committed to protecting workers and preventing further workplace tragedies.

“Let’s work together to make sure Albertans can come home healthy and safe from their jobs each day.”