Rural Communities Deserve Answers on Outstanding Disaster Relief Claims: UCP

EDMONTON, AB: Municipal Affairs Minister Shaye Anderson must take immediate steps to address the 23 outstanding disaster relief claims resulting from excessive rainfall levels that have caused significant damage to municipal infrastructure across rural Alberta, said United Conservative Party Municipal Affairs Critics Pat Stier and Ric McIver.

“Rural municipalities have been waiting in excess of eight months for the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) to investigate disaster relief claims,” said Stier. “In the meantime, affected municipal infrastructure continues to deteriorate, causing even more damage and escalating costs. These communities deserve to know one way or the other if their claims will proceed in order to deal with the damage in a timely manner.”

Extraordinary one-in-50-year rainfall levels over the past year have left 25 Alberta cities, towns, counties and municipal districts struggling to address the $32.4 million in damaged infrastructure.

“This is yet another example of how this NDP government continues to fail rural Albertans,” said McIver. “Whether it’s their refusal to communicate with coal communities devastated by NDP electricity policy or the complete lack of consultation on Bill 6, the level of disrespect shown to areas outside our major cities is unacceptable. The Minister owes these communities some answers.”